You called me one night crying

And said you were sick of trying

I didn’t understand it then, but I do now

So I’ll try and help you the only way I know how

But I also heard in your voice a cry

That told me you wanted to die

And I knew I couldn’t let you go

So now I just have to let you know

You’re the greatest friend I could ever find

And I’m sorry that sometimes I can be blind

And put you off and look away

When I think you have something stupid to say

But I just want you to always believe

That any goal you set, you can achieve

Because deep inside you’re a good person

And you can help your life not worsen

If you just believe in yourself and friends

You will be fine till this trouble ends

So when I hung up that phone I knew it was good

And you would only do the thing you knew you should

Which was to go on with your life and just live it

It wasn’t worth all the trouble to just up and quit

So I’m glad that I could help you believe

And I know for awhile you will have to grieve

Because what you went through was hard

And deep down inside you are eternally scarred

Now the phone is hung up and I’ve said goodbye

Deep down I’m praising that you didn’t die.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this poem for one of my friends who wanted to kill herself. Lets just say it helped...alot.

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