I would never wish on anyone

The pains you wish by death

I wouldnt want to see the horror

Of taking one last breath

I could never on purpose

Make my family suffer

Just because i hated my life

I wouldnt end it right there

My life after that would be horrid

More than it was before

I'd rather live here in sorrow

Then be there and feel the remorse

Death is not something to toy with

Its not a game to befriend

Let my time come when it's supposed to

I will never create my own end

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I didnt write this because i was thinking of killing myself. I wrote it after my grandpa died and saw what that did to my family. And even if my life ever gets so horrible, i will never want to kill myself and make them suffer. Im so nice

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brad's picture

this is a deep poem i love it