It's a hard lesson to learn, 

That what you think,
Everything thing you feel.
Doesn't matter one bit.
To someone who says,
You mean the world to them. 
When you'd move mountains for them, 
If you could.
Everything you do,
Everything you say,
Every move you make,
Is made with them
And their feelings in mind.
Then their words sting like whips, 
The intent is hard to miss.
Cutting like knives across your heart.
Carving the pain into your soul.
Leaving you scarred.
Believing you're not good enough,
It's too much to hope for to be happy.
It's too much to wish that you'd be loved. 
Fully and unconditionally accepted.
Wishing to be treasured.
That your heart would be held With care.
That you'd find a love,
Whose words are chosen wisely. 
Makes promises they keep. 
And whose love would soothe your wounded soul.
Author's Notes/Comments: 

Version 1... it's not really done....

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