From the first day we're introduced

From the first day we're introduced to "extended family "

here's an example, second or third cousins, aunts and uncles

not directly related, so on, isn't it our job as human beings to reach out in any way possible, to create that indelible bond?

A baby's eye contact welcomes you innocently into their soul with immediate unconditional love.

We mess things up by speaking to each other while angry at some outside source yet they are the dumping ground for our misplaced boiled over emotions.

The good, the bad, the ugly of poetry has a similar affect as the spoken word or honestly a photo can hit us all in a way that's equal to the spoken or written word.

Truly make every attempt to hold on because we may be throwing away someone irreplaceable in a moment of frustration and confusion. This is our job from the first day we're introduced to extended family. 

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