Poetry is free therapy

Poetry is, ultimately a bitch session 

Poetry is always getting me in trouble

Poetry is the things I often can't talk about 

Poetry releases suppressed emotions

Poetry let's me cause havoc

Poetry let's my subject have it

Poetry helps me refocus 

Poetry helps my scrambled brain

Poetry is better than advil in releasing pain

Poetry is letting me say things I'd rather not mention

Poetry is better than violence 

Poetry is worldwide considered art

Poetry is powerful, it let's me tare you apart

Poetry let's me rip apart things into shreds 

Poetry let's me into other people's heads

Poetry has always been there for me

Poetry sets free trapped thoughts

so they no longer linger 

Poetry, gives my enemies, the middle finger 

Poetry let's me address those who doubt me 

Poetry, sets unapologetic thoughts free

Poetry is, ultimately a bitch session

allets's picture

"the middle finger"

I keep forgetting its varied uses! Good one!