I've had one hell of a journey

I have had one hell of a journey 

where many know me publicly

few have had the chance to learn who I am privately. 

When no one's around, when I'm letting my guard down

could you read my body language? Could you tell when I'm in anguish? 

When I'm not making a sound, could you read my mind?

If you stare into my eyes, would you see my soul?

When you're close to me, do you feel my energy?

When we're down and out and have time alone

only then do we discover the strength of our backbone

Strangers and loved ones see your success

but they have no idea, about the struggle you endured to get here

When we truly fall in love, even after breakup, 

do we let past loves live in our heart?

If so, are we ever truly apart or are we all ultimately a part of each other's story? These are a few questions I've had and mentioning some experiences I've had

like after a breakup being alone and discovering the true strength of my backbone.

Age wise I was an adult but after that experience

I became truly grown

there are some things I've learned along the way.

I have had one hell of a journey

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