Thanks for everything Jennifer

What life dealt me was far from fair

Raised by my Pilgrim crew

Marine blood coercing through my veins 

Without that twisted mixture

I might not have it survived

I was a Boston Hospital fixture

Faced every obstacle and now I thrive,

finally thankful for being alive

Let's get back to you

All I can say is thank you

It doesn't seem to be enough

God, through a lot of rough stuff at me

Nothing compared to the bumpy road I chose

Because of my own dumb decisions 

Many self induced problems arose 

Some days, many  conversations, Let's be honest,

I'm the reason for some of your grey hairs

And maybe a few kill you stares

I was once happily married

The same Indian that said I do

Now, she, couldn't care less for me

Now facing divorce and custody

Courtrooms can be uneasy at best

Neither parties control the result

I have to confess

I married a complete mess

In the begining we were thriving

Only to one day, wake up and realize

I went dumpster diving 

Blindly, I believed that walking demons lies

You were there to comfort me 

during my cries

When it comes to you

I'll always be a fan

I'll always love and respect you,

my special cousin Jennifer Kirkland

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