The wrong can’t be undone

The wrong can't be undone 

Our choices can't be taken back 

The brutal words we say

Are mixed with emotions and fact

Too much emotion, only, causes commotion 

The past now only haunts you

Tormented with what you were put through 

Those drinks and pills

Nor walking that train track

Wouldn't result in what you wanted 

Because you were played 

Now left for dead 

Forever to be haunted 

With flashbacks and visions

That have such intense precision 

Now with every passing day

Numbed up and told to shut up

Because you were taught to blindly obey 

Foolishly do whatever he had to suggest or say

You went along for the ride

Now left alone and told you we're equally to blame

He got off Scott free

Leaving you broken and full of shame 

Now you're remarried 

You're new warrior husband 

Spends every waking day

Trying to take away

the baggage you carry 

Helpless to stop the weight

From overcoming you some nights

What they all did wasn't right

Now number two 

Is completely helpless 

To help you with what you've been through 

So he takes the burden of protection 

All on his shoulders 

He carries the family like boulders 

Never to put them down 

He's a ray of sun shine

Yet nothing is easy now and fine

Because even he too

Has battles he's been through 

All those shots and beers

Couldn't kill the torment 

From the previous life's decisions

He had made all those years ago

It's like a life long prison sentence 

He's like you in many ways

Locked inside his own cage

Battling visions from regretful decisions

We've both learned the hard way

Just like the words we say

The wrong can't be undone 

Our actions can't be taken back 

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saiom's picture

 Imho my requests for


Imho my requests for forgiveness can reach beyond time and space

... God and loving souls let transgressions go  

you wrote a very deep poem