+ 27.225 MHz 286: LXXVI; On Judges 16:23, 27 And 30

[this poem was made possible by prior

comments from Patricaj and Silver_Birch]


Look at that clumsy clown, brough here from Gaza:

like all of Israel's goods, ours for the taking,

like all of Israel's faith that we are breaking.

That loser entertains the victors' pleasure.


But why are these best balcony seats shaking?



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From a pompous point of view

From a pompous point of view to a deftly handled microsecond of terror . . . right before the realization set in. What an effective and ingenious strategy to write the poem as interior monologue that thunders with arrogance, then abruptly whispers with doom, and, of course, readers are able to see it all in their minds' eye with far more impact than having it spelled out for them. 


Thank you kindly for the credit, but all the applause goes to you. A perfect example of the power of minimalism. Amazing. 

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Thank you so very much.  Your

Thank you so very much.  Your comment in tandem with Silver_Birch's really fired up the inspiration, and I wrote the poem much faster than I am accustomed to, especially consdering yesterday's physical relapses.  So I am very grateful for the great kick-start,


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