@ 27.105 MHz: Starry Decisis; Imprecation On Departing Ludovicus' Planet

The day you left me

was like this fantastically frigid planet
where howling winds shrieked
through a poisoned atmosphere,
over a surface of solid ice---
not virginal white, but dessicated bone,
marked here and there
by random veins of silver and blue,
likely some noxious streams of fluid
suddenly frozen to absolute zero
a thousand million years ago
(and these occasionally glistened
like metal fillings on the teeth exposed
in the open mouth of a madman's manic laughter).
And all of this appeared
in the vacant, ghostly, comfortless light
of a dying star---its lingering demise
longer, even, than its unconstellated life.
This is the world you made for me,
but the vision that organized it

was dismal, dim, and not a little demented.

As you turned away, your smile
was like the towering glacier of all that ice,
and, with all my vulernable parts chilled

to a stillness I had never experienced, my 

sustained and silent cry
had a minimal smallness before it.

Yet, after the short and long waves of these shocks,

I was rescued from your grievous game by Love's renewed joy

through the gentleness of an adolescent boy;

in his starbarque, naked, except for his thigh-high socks---

a silvered gray, in color, with slender white seams

across the toes; as in a poet's most erotic dreams;

so that we could share our bodies' intimacy.

With his Love's sweet nectar, he repaired and nourished me;

and our coupling was not obscene---

though he was human, alternated, and I a manufactured machine.



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