+ 27.225 MHz 290: Give Me The Gloss Of J. V. Cunningham

Give me the gloss of J. V. Cunningham

and not the tarnished tinsels of a sham.

Give me the Scholiasts' remarkably

clear knowledge---not posed prose, chaotically

scattered through cheap displays of perfidy.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

I ask the reader's indulgence for the shameless pun in the first line.  Long before certain critics sounded their cacophonies, the Poetry of the great scholar-poet, J. V. Cunningham was setting standards that few could reach; and that many envious castigated due to sour grapes.  


When I first gave serious attention to writing poetry, in the Summer of 1994, the late Cunningham's slender book of poetry taught me, with admirably succinct precision, what rhyme was proper; and what rhyme was improper.  "Town" and "house" do not rhyme.  "Spice" and "vine" do not rhyme.  Cunningham's great example was to show that rhyme is not merely the vowel sounds---it consists, instead, of the same vowels, followed by the same consonants, but preceded by different consonants.  After learning that, I destroyed all of my uncompliant verse, and recast it in the proper format, established in the Western Canon by literary precedent.

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