To The Visitant From Epsilon Carinae And Delta Velorum; On December 31, 1979

Despite your dislike of it, and your stricture,

against the genre in its many forms,

we viewed, that night, Star Trek:  The Motion Picture,

although you griped.  The memory still swarms

like others--from our final months' beginning,

hatching in the crosshairs of your webspinning,

abetted by my naive disbelief;

and your consistent, caustic criticism

such that the breakup was no cataclysm.

It came, blindsiding, like a grim surprise;

but was, in point of fact, a real relief

and a good supper, that night, eased my grief.

But oh, how I remember with sweet sighs,

your shoeless beauty and those soft thigh-highs.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Something that night, during that film, suggested a sense of ending.  We returned to the campus just two or three days later with great anticipation for classes we had scheduled to take together; three meals a day at our own table in the cafeteria with a group of friends that remained with us for the rest of the year; and those delicious nights, weekdays and weekends, when, both being housed in private rooms in the same co-ed dormitory, we broke the curfew-visitation restrictions (after midnight on schoolnights, after two a.m. on Friday and Saturday nights) because we had caught the floor monitor (who supervised both our floors) breaking the same restrictions with his lady.  All of that shattered on October 30, 1980, exactly two years to the day that we became a couple, at college, and two years and ten days from the day we first met.

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