+ 27.225 MHz 263: To A Playground Bully, Out Of My Past

A search for the ultimate, spiritual appellation

may seem, to you, like a prideful affectation;

but it is, intead, meant as a true expression

of the faith to which I make confession;

unlike the skepticism of your profession,

which is, itself, a valid demontration

of your final and unrelenting destination---

Lake Fire's searing conflagration

the site of your eternal damnation

where you will twist and squirm as though spitted

in the sear and broast and scorch of agony

that answers to the betrayals in your perfidy;

and answers them relentlessly

through eternity.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

An imperfect sonnet, but better than deserved.  This person was a presence in my life from September 1970 through December 1974.

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