Caper Emissarius, A Poem For Peri Bathous

Only in the crudest imitation---

uncouth, unread, bereft of preparation---

or in the verbal violence of reaction

can you obtain the kind of satisfaction

that pleases your "aw shucks" clodhoppery.

But one aspect you cannot quite escape:

your efforts are a kind of flattery:

lacking inspired originality,

you can compose only a parody

drawn in broad strokes from the chaotically

stirred turmoil of your damned soul's perfidy.

No matter the ardor with which you strain

to plumb its shallowness, it will contain

less human genius than God gives an ape.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

The name of the fictional character (so twisted a person could not possibly have real existence) is derived from Alexander Pope's essay, Peri Bathous; and the last line of the sonnet quotes a line from Pope's epic poem, The Dunciad.

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Read up on Peri Bathous but

Read up on Peri Bathous but could not find the text itself. Will try to search via 'Alexander Pope.' It should be public domain by now. (scratches head)

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I have not found, nor read,

I have not found, nor read, the text of Pope's essay.  Never could find it online.  I just liked the sound of the title as a name for a hater, lol.

Enjoy effulgent days, and exquisite nights,

unto the exultations of Heaven.

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