Unreasonable love

Whimsical reason where are you? Come back to me!

Please tell me what happened to all I always believed.

I lost my direction, goddess of love, she is all I can see,

my muse, my addiction, my love, my reason to be.


Despite that it hurts me this fire inside,

I’m not willing to fight it, I just want to give up.

I'm losing my mind, I shall recognize,

she happens to be the beat of my heart.


Stunned by her beauty, the moon has to hide.

Softened by her voice, cicadas shut up.

The swans on the pond come close to admire…

the hallucinatory aura she’s leaving behind. 


Who am I to be fighting this divine force?

Wasn't she created to show me just how 

the blessing of love is granted to those

who dare to fight their judgement with their soul?


I'm bound to accept there is only one choice…

To let go on my pride, to be honest to me,

to surrender the keys, to accept to rejoice.

to take off all my shields and to let my love be.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Many times love is perceived as a distraction,  as something that must we must control. Human history proves that wrong. My poem is about how impossible is to resolve that feeling with reason.

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For the explanation. - slc



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Swans and Cicadas

"the hallucinatory aura she’s leaving behind. " nice image.



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Swans and Cicadas

Thank you Allets! I'm still missing a lot of vocabulary and expressions in English and I try to keep it simple, but sometimes,  I get to find the words I was looking for.