THE third

racing home from the 24-hour 365-day (on holidays too) open gym without  employees through the night... nothing but tiny high-tech cameras inside tinted orbital globes mounted strategically throughout the brick-and-mortar business retail space... and the regulars... as sick in the eyes as me... free spirits... unconventional thinkers... best described  as "difficult"... executing squat thrusts and deadlifts under suffering sweat-soaked brows... dropping the heavy weights so ostentatiously.


racing home... so in a hurry to traverse space... busy busy bee and the like... then i jam the brakes suddenly... as a mother racoon and her too little kids in tandem scurry across my street... as i brake, they begin to speed up in real time... its dramatic... in the moment, i feel i could kill myself if i were to hit one of these "innocent" little creatures in my reckless headstrong progress... as i slowly roll by, i notice the reflection from the wide eyes of a third baby racoon cub crouching in the long grass... staring at the monstrous giant machine that it just witnessed almost crushing its mother and two siblings.


that's me, i thought... the one that boldly crossed the road ahead of its mother... so impetuous and eager to grow up and live this life... little fucker... a future god-king amongst racoons, no doubt.

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