middle-aged panic

it hits you in a most unmanly fashion;

the sudden fear

of possibility vs. probability

and the time decay aspect

of human existence.


am i on a downtrend?

are the best days past?

is this decadence in real time?

fuck it; a desperate gambler

with a puncher's chance;

double up the position

and spit in the face of God.

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Adrift Inside Fate

The best days 


everyday: D ~S~



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well-said, madame!... thou

well-said, madame!... thou sayest greatly all that's optimistic in mine heart truely!!!...



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Except for the last line,

Except for the last line, this poem makes a lot of sense, and expresses what is probably a widely-shared emotion.  


[* /+/ ^]

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i guess perception is

i guess perception is subjective... perhapsss... perhapssssss... one perceives... interprets... composes idle lines of poesy... then uploads it to an internet-connected website muchly... how deliciously strange.