how much do they pay you to fuck that horse?

a horse!... a horse!...

my kingdom for a horse... ... ...

methinks there be 6 Richmonds

in the field today;

5 have i slain instead of him.


i race on the diagonal;

can you keep up?

it slips, and dips and lerches

anon, prithee, anon;

i fill the syringe most copiously

of the pain-relieving elixer;

the pain of living, of breathing

of existing, of thinking and of being;

O, thou witness how i become.


like the dove, i become

like the slave, i become

like the politician, i become

like the fool, i become;

in rhythms of 5, i become.

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"in rhymes of five" - nice

medieval. so midieval! ~S~