THE monster (cyber love letter)

THE monster likes to get drunk and drive

likes to get high and drive

likes to feel alive, free, unfettered

unchained and unbounded.


THE monster is deeply disturbed and troubled

recently reading copious amounts of words

thought, written and published

by the likes of Wittgenstein, Heidegger

Nietzsche, Kant and Hume.


THE monster is a man/woman, young/old, healthy/sickly

genius/retarded, educated/vulgar, experienced/green

disgusting/transcendent, self-aggrandizing/self-depricating;

a sweet gentle kindly ruddy-cheeked girl.


I hate THE monster

love THE monster

obsessive... compulsive...

attentively consuming its content;

but I fear THE monster is no more

than a terribly misguided algorithm,


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