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Dimitri, 17. Blues-rock guitarist; just recently got into thrash and heavy metal. I love metal, but I'm an old-school bluesman at heart. I apprentice under Luthier John Jordan. He specializes in custom electric violins, violas, cellos, and string basses. I build and repair guitars and bass guitars.

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Very navel-y, bright orange, very sweet and juicy... bought it in a 1lb sack at the local grocery store

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I love classical music, jazz, country, folk, blues, rock, heavy metal, and thrash metal. I've always had a soft spot for classical violin and cello as well as some nice fiddle playing a la Charlie Daniels! I grew up listening to old 40s and 50s music and I especially love swing dance/music. My favorite bands are Led Zeppelin and Judas Priest and my favorite poet is Edgar Allen Poe. I love writing poetry and song lyrics, and my poetry is generally freestyle, purely expressing my thoughts and feelings at the time.


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