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Incarcerated for life....(freestyle)

Is there any resolution to this feeling of incarceration i feel
As i am bound with poetic chains
As my soul reaps through my veins
my pen begins to bleed uninhibitedly
Choking on words of phrases, and phrases of prepositions
That have been so elegantly place within
The torture chambers of my soul
Am i sentenced for life
With the dissolution of coming to a resolution
When my pen bleeds
Praying that what ever clarity
God gave me was the true vision
He envisioned, when it gave it to me
I am a slave to poetry
Incarcerated for life....

(c) 2011 cassandra Evolutionsofpoetry covington

Writer & Poetess of Poetry & Erotica

Speaking through poetry is the most collaborative way i know to purify our inner sector next to praying & worshiping with God. It's all about having something to say, that others may have a hard time expressing, but share in your creative experience. Poetry is more than just another form of communication, Poetry is life...

Evolution's of Poetry

I live,
I sing,
I laugh,
I cry,
I worship,
I praise,
I minister,
I speak Prophecy,
I speak healing,
I speak deliverance,
I speak self worth,
I speak self reflection,
I die,
I breath life
Through poetry
(c) 2012 Cassandra Evolutionsofpoetry Covington

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