How It Should Be

Life and Love

How It Should Be


Whenever I see you there,

I want to pull that lock of hair

Out of you eyes and stare into



You are like the fresh breeze

I feel around me as I

Freeze to inhale and live in

This moment between us.


This is how it should be.

You and I together in this

Intense moment.

Understanding each other;


Conversing back and forth.

Complete and utter


How did this come to be?


 I’m still taken by surprise.

Pleasantly surprised by this

Sudden burst of energy that flows

From our fingertips and between screens.


I look at the moon and the stars

Glisten and glow around it.

The cool April air that takes me in and

Allows me to close my eyes.


This natural high that I am experiencing

Whenever I see you, speak to you.

This is what I call happiness.

This is what I call pleasure.


This is what I call life.

Enjoying each moment.

Hoping for more,

Never wanting it to cease.


This is where my thoughts go

Whenever I think of you.

I can’t help it,

The flow is strong.



April 6, 2014 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was feeling strongly about a particular someone as well as enjoying the pleasant feeling of interest and newness. 

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