A Revenant




tongue out


for that magical raindrop

to nourish


some ancient arid patch

plateaued spirit

ancestral trauma

wicked, weathered heart


a sky so gloomy




harbinger of harrowing

bellows from beyond

charcoal clouds - resembling smoke


inhale and feast on its weight

heavy, invisible soot

coating and choking out all good sense


the revenant so relatable

individual fighting tooth and nail


always being chased by a fickle fate




vicious fangtoothed - blood still dripping

the will to win against all odds

as self-preservation barely provides enough warmth


hope is needed to light that internal olympic torch

afterall, promises lie in wait...


promises we made before we were even born

promises so thick that your fever dreams will play like blockbusters

as we suck the syrupy goodness from the elixir of esoteric nothingness


a ghost returns to give away all essences it possibly can

possessions long lost and forgotten

without understanding the point of tomorrow

if we just search for today, all vertices inevitably meet



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Starward's picture

This is a very eerie poem on

This is a very eerie poem on its surface, but just under that surface is a profound observation of the human situation.  You deploy words and phrases with a compelling finesse and artistry that gives the poem a tremendous power.  


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patriciajj's picture

Highly symbolic of our inner

Highly symbolic of our inner battles, your macabre figure rises from the grave at your command with brilliant and startling metaphors. Truly spellbinding work. I was transfixed from start to finish. Amazing!