In the fog of remembrance

Shadows dance

Uncertain of their truthfulness

Deception rolls dice in the corner

A trickster among us

Hark! Who goes there?!

A thief? A wolf? A reflection?

An answerless response

Memories fold into themselves like a kaleidoscope

Black and white (somber without color)

We struggle to comprehend the gravity

Situations we block out and barricade off

Sequestered in a tight cube of perception

How could one tolerate

Let alone, survive such actions

Committed by the trusted committee of our lives

We've grown through and around them

Like scraggly branches in search of sunlight

When options feel few and confidence feels shattered

We collect unworthy people like tokens of good luck

All tail side up and toxic as any hellscape

Mementos of life before the tragedy and torment

Distortion thumps out from our internal speakers

Finding equilibrium takes far too long

As we dance off-kilter in a wicked frenzy to regain self worth and ditch self sacrifice.



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you`re welcome

you`re welcome

ron parrish

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great thoughts,enjoyed the


ron parrish

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thank you :)

thank you :)