Recent Remorse



I wash my body in recent remorse

Like dirty bathwater

Reused and recycled

Painful sirens blaring from local miseries


Type your name to send you a dm

Pictures flooding of a younger you

With less worry and more booze

With fluffier hair and wider grin


It sets in like a sunset painting in every hue

You're gone in a flash and maybe a bang

But more like a "See you soon"

Chasing the tail of samsara


Like a dog in overdrive or an ouroboros on DMT

How could it happen and how couldn't I know

You're pulling up the blanket of forever

While I'm replaying every bit of our last conversations


You said "I love you", and I said "You're so sweet"

A phrase reserved for only 3 people

How dare I, deny you a piece of heaven

To know you're cherished by every creature


Divine and deserving, flawed and fatal

Karma police doing drive-bys on each person that hurt you

Sensitivity in the modern world, a relic of Renaissance men

Bow to you and your vernacular - summoning all the right words to say


I love you too.




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