Grandmother Kite



Her backpack grew heavier the higher she climbed. It was a treacherous trek up the side of the mesa, fraught with loose gravel and shifting rocks. She'd done it many times and so knew it to be fully possible. It was more an act of dexterity than of courage.

The cave was set back from the cliff edge, concealed to anyone looking up from the base. The girl reached the top where an old woman sat on a woven straw mat making a basket of reeds. "Good Morning Grandmother."

"Ah Nivritti, sweet child."

The girl removed her backpack and bowed at the old woman's feet, then kissed her cheek, "I've brought you a special treat today" chimed the girl, untying the pack and removing the contents. She opened a stainless steel container and held it up to the old woman's nose.

The grandmother identified the delectable scent, "Mmmmm strawberries!"

"Yes, fresh picked just this morning, right before dawn as you always did. And angel food cake to spoon them over." The girl poured an amber liquid from a jug into her grandmother's cup and handed it to her. The old woman sipped carefully, "My goodness, jasmine tea! Where ever did you find that?"

"Mama traded some dove eggs to Mr. Yau for it." The girl prepared a bowl of cake and strawberries, placed it in her grandmother's palms, then made one for herself and settled beside the old woman on the mat. "It's very hot today huh - Mama says we need rain real bad."

"Well we will just have to do something about that won't we." Grandmother Kite waved her hand across the cave opening and a thundercloud appeared releasing torrents of rain down onto the desert floor. The dry wash below was transformed into a lush tropical oasis. Palm trees swayed along the edge of a turquoise lagoon. The girl felt a cool moist breeze play across her face and ruffle her hair. She could smell brackish water mixed with the heady scent of plumeria blossoms.



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