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A tale of serial murder, abuse and vigilanty or revengeThe cop is in every scene in back ground unimposing subtle. Story told thru the bus ride until end we see the cop in the last row as the scene fades out. How to do in a book. He’s there in Chicago he’s in the bus he’s in the hotel he’s at the vineyard over the years he’s insurance adjuster looking in to her multiple claims via dark angel 

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1 Chapter 1 Somewhere in Italy 348 2018/07/02 4 years ago
2 She For the Italian Novel 1 127 2021/09/19 1 year ago
3 Chapter 3 maybe On the bus 2 337 2018/07/02 4 years ago
4 Somewhere in Italy. She’s talking from prison 5 228 2018/06/30 4 years ago
5 Somewhere in Italy The List Work in progress 5 163 2022/05/09 1 year ago