A Remedy of Love

My Poetry

You shine to me with an amazing grace like no other

A gentle lady of triumph, a warrior, and most of all a mother,

You tell me you are in combat with an enemy of soul,

But with a spirit like yours no harm to touch you by fair means or foul,

You look at me with those tender eyes as deep as the blue sea,

Been fighting the fight, being the person no one else can be,

And there again I stand bewildered to your astounding strength

I solicit every ounce of faith you have, to be rendered to me as plinth

For all the love you gave & the hard work you’ve done,

Is this appreciation letter from your one and only son:

Keep me proud of you mama, fight the battle you have to fight

Destroy your enemy, purge it and exterminate it with all your might

For she whom alone “raised me up to all that I can be”,

Is able to defeat the cancer inside and bring me back my sweet reverie

I ponder over the things you’ve given, the sacrifice, devotion & tears,

Your heart, your mind & soul, all you’ve spent throughout the years,

You were born to be a mother, full of wisdom & love,

An exceptional role model, a blessing God sent from above,

Be the blessing mama, the sanction & all you’ve been to me,

Be the miracle, the idol and the mother of strength you have to be.

Love, Peace and Light

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by a friend who stood by his mother's side and supported her in her fight against cancer. Little do we know about the miraculous medicine of all, Love.

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