Words Hurt


The universe responds

to my deliberations, acting

through natural force. And

the people drain the thought stream

till the triumphant draught of night

cannot daunt awareness.

Perhaps we share this,

entwined together in a grove,

loathing the next speculation

which gives light in limitation.

The train inevitably brings me

to annihilation; thus I surrender to ye

and enter the evening gloom

of the self-righteous destination.

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A window seat to the Auschwitz

..of human expression. That thought is brought back to mind when I read "the train inevitably brings me / to annihilation;..")


The walls close in on us more and more as we attempt to weed out hurt from our existance. There is no room small enough to prevent it, though. Eventually we are crushed by the sum weight and force of all that we have removed. The density of which creates a far more devastating result.




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Beautiful quote

Perhaps the yin yang perpetuates our only harmony as human

therefore to rid the reaction (karma) would end our existences

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Thank you. Yes, I think there

Thank you. Yes, I think there is something to a thought of a need for a yin yang approach to thinking, words, and ideas. And I think it is often in the spaces inbetween where we find the answers that bring us to a better place or a higher plane.