Kind Karma


Did you know that your thoughts

Directly effect physical reality

In a sort of scheme of karma, influencing

Potentially what may occur

God making manifest our innate nature

Of the mind, yin yang, good and bad universe

Compells either subtle vibrations else

Intense vibrations. Don't fret,

Don't be overwhelmed yet

Still we have linear infinites to experience


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I Guess

it depends on what is overwhelming each of us. I got strangers screaming at me about the news. Covid and police killing brutally is not the media's fault. We shoot the messenger as if that will cure-all. Darling, did you know we are polarized to the point of the union tearing apart. Trumperette will do his worst in another 4-6 weeks getting desperate. More will die probably. You can not eat phylosophy and sleeping in your car has downsides. Congress is deadlocked on rent mortgsge grants and the huge companies accustomed to big payouts from the Fed are beginning to feel more than shut down consumer losses blues. Ask any corporation that just purchased a hospital chain. 


Jeep meditatin'. ~S~



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i hear ya

A palpatating passionate political cry in what severely matters. Appearing here be my belittling substrate of singularity sedation. There's infinite knowledge and paths, and infinite means to living differently. Choosing what is learnt drastically becomes redundant and gains truth as to what is the purpose. Many different purposes palpataingwet

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lol... sorry... i become

lol... sorry... i become belligerent in my skeptical free spiritedness when someone begins condescending me with a charsmatic "Did you know that..."


with that being said, i'm very much with you about the yin and yang, Taoism, the Tao te Ching, Schopenhauer, the Upanishads, and the stark contrast of Eastern philosophy and spiritualism in juxtaposition with Western thought and its heavily influenced Christian cultural-historical context... the atheistic religion, Buddhism... that's where its at!

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Me too sorry

It was not intended to be condescnding, in my brain; i simply utilized the prominent phrase as a means to start a poem, the first flow, perhaps even in a bland yet satirical sort of cliché. But i do apprexiate you following your contentions with appreciation as to the philosophical merit of the poem. Thanks 

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Did you know

We agnostics always reply: "How interesting.  You coulld be correct."   ----    Stephen

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What is

That makes me think, perchance what is truth in a certain brain, a certain realm of individual consciosness, could even dramatically differ from other people. Vut also that would be dwindling the belief of a universal harmony, inasmuch we're the same. Manifestations of us dwelling art always fluctuating through either a self or many selves