Ocean Ghosts


Allow that I may glug my wine

Allow that I may dissolve my soul

into the bottle


Have patience while we work

Toward truth in every degree, yea

While we wakefully commit

Through and through every clue


The color of my eyes are blue

Gives that enough elucidation 

Or must I say therefore they percieve

The reflection of ocean ghosts


Time withers with all its wisdom

Fathoming becomes abysmal because

Everything whimpers into nothingness


Bake me the purest loaf of bread

Bake me


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I'd Like

to dissolve in some excellent canabis. In some states you can grow six plants - patience can grow each plant five feet or more tall. I frink tea and lits if eater. I'm a water human. 



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"Everything whimpers into

"Everything whimpers into nothingness", yet much like when we don't eat that physical loaf of bread, we suffer in hunger, and thus this is how it is with the emotional and mental: we must feed ourselves and each other, or create suffering.


Beautiful, thoughtful writing.

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As if renunciating reality is to knowingly cause a redemption from the suffering through the suffering itself 

like to realize we don't need this enigmatic feast, but rather to realize we can be free from the vicious cycle

of metaphorical and literal cannibalism, choosing to be purest revelation even denying the death process etc

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Yes, one might say that to

Yes, one might say that to rise above the flames is merely to escape and hide in the smoke.

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Superb writing it caught me

Superb writing it caught me at the first line and led me fascinated to the last. Love the ocean ghosts phrase very much.

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Thanks and

Oh thy profile picture indeed

resembles exquisite intellignece