Super Stanza


Every morning awakened to the chase

I sit in proper posture awaiting desirous

The significant fluttering dream investigation

Imaginative consciousness the real escape

Pondering patience the means to destination

Apart from what's to come like lord mundane

Oh the body bound to living dreadful subtlety

Necessitated in the whirl of being human

Drink the water, smoke the tobacco, do sit

Surrendering to the seasons now hot summer

Sweaty sensuous ain't always wonder to find

Unanswered riddles forever flickering frenzy

Yet it's enough today to translate what might

Become beautiful past brevity to divinity tonight

So we can relax, so we can surmise, so

We can ignite the soul surendipitous expectimg

A circle of certain lovely enchanted whispers

Booming through the brain as the body burning

Stifled still in confusion coming to rhyme time

Like whisps of spirit's kisses don't apply nigh

How according to thee means this abundantly

A life undressing delusion dances delightfully

Drowning in a hot rainstorm echoes    echoes 

Energy relininquishes the lost world's manner

Stepping on the sidewalks and on cloud

Harmonizing a lack perpetual for what needs

Bleary streets maybe maze to heavenly gate


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"stepping on sidewalks and on

"stepping on sidewalks and on clouds..." NICE LINE! The world of  art vs this here stuff we can touch. I read Wallace Stevens 13 Ways Of Looking At A Blackbird and other work by him Anecdite Of The Jar. Yoga in words :) ~(:D)-