Group Haikus


I made a fire with

Crisp imagination. Yea

You can't stop it now


I'm coming to age 

Death is always in it's place

No need for a race


Twiddling is a thing

inevitable happening

for life, reality


A group of haikus

indeed makes easy to choose

perusing thought stream


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I won't post a poem, even a

I won't post a poem, even a brief Haiku, in your comment section; but I will say this is a mighty impressive Haiku sequence, and I hope you will add a few more to postpoems!


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Just posted "God vs Aliens" for ya

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Thank you so very much.  I

Thank you so very much.  I just read it and commented, and, like this set, it is superb!


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Fractured Haiku

Death piling higher

daisy chain supply is short

pushing the rising tomb count


The Queen Of Rock 

The Queen Of Souls

The Queen of Tears Blossoms


Pain causes tears

painkiller kills pain

tears fall and die


Hope, cousin to change,

petitions Time for a word

Change bars and locks all doors


Enlightenment sings

dirges beneath a willow

a cold wind listens










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The concept of a fractured haiku