We intend to sit and think stuff certain

Patiently pleasing the brain as it bleeds

Commitment wanting waning ideation

So we may know and capture the light

Anyways too much to flutter intellect

The frenzy is a fault of jittery junk thoughts

Not organized in intellectual conversation

But gleeming madness has its own might

Prevailing moments are few and strangers

Strike satisfaction like striking a match

Igniting eachother's cigarrettes relaxed

So we sit and await worthy works yea

But never fulfulling that innate lovely dream

Which lingers like a fly that won't let ye be

Buzzing just because, yet nothing else.      O

Call to creation, prayer for the destination O

Of satisfaction rat tat tatting the door        O

A stranger to talk to, order of thinking        O

Let's dwell together for a while now 

Grieving it why never was compatible


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