Dr. Dishwashing


     Methinks twas through the job of dishwashing that certain unbeknownst delusion began to manifest, later taking me to sanitariums. Even so, during this workk I would water fast occassionally for three days all awhile having very laborious things to do through whole days. Being alone in the dish-pit with time really only to think to myself, echoing voices of eaters did seem to know everything in my mind– it alway seemed connected.


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Eaters Of The Dead


Michael Crichten's updated Beowulf - a must read. Still looking for "Grendal" - another interpretation. Inside to deeper inside, it is refreshing outside occasionally. ~S~

Fire near Jeruselem 06-09-21. climate's changing or response to 100 Oalestnean Israelis being deported frim Israel. Hmmm. The gods are angry. ~S~

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