A journal entry

If I were to seek truth without bias or belief systems;

Enduring public and private persecution, being excommunicated

from my church, neighborhood, family, being seen as a pariah by those I value

most, would I be able to understand the deeper meanings and

Underlying truths that have been baried and hidden beneath

the grandiose lies of societal overseers who use the sacred tribal ties in a

perverted manner, in some sinister concerted effort to control my intake and

understanding of all the data that I collect with my own senses, and interpret

based on the same systems and measures provided to me by well meaning

and trusted loved ones who have been duped into blindly trusting

those manufactured and manipulated systems provided to them by

the aforementioned dark overseers of this world?

I feel dirty. What does it take to get clean?  What personal sacrifices must one make to simply become a body of pure information in this tainted world?  

How much boiling pain and frigid anger must one endure to find a

pre mortem salvation that has not been tampered with or reconstructed

by liars, murderers, and thieves, who have NO care or consideration but

for their own lusts for power and superiority, money, thrills, and comforts?

    If I become fearless and relentless in my search for greater understanding,

then can I wipe these eons and miles of accumulated bullshit from my infint eyes and stare into naked reality just for one blessed moment?

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A brilliant awakening. I

A brilliant awakening. I relished every word because I've slogged through this same mire of disillusionment. Just asking these questions puts you in a class by yourself because it's so much easier to be a sheep. 


There are so many profound and eloquent lines in this high-voltage quest for truth, that I can't quote them all, but rather I want to read it again and feel not just the indignation because of the deception, but the sense of triumph at having climbed out of the echo chambers and power struggles to see the first rays of the real world. 


Of course, there's push back as there always has been and smoke screens to break through, but just seeking, asking and writing this enlightened reflection brings you, and hopefully others, closer to Truth. 

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Thank you, dear portess

Thank you, dear portess

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we`ve been led like sheep

we`ve been led like sheep since the decoration of indipendise was signed,crooks buy there way in congress only to further manilupate the syster even further,we are now owned by the officials that we help to elect

does anyone ask to read the full bill passed by congress in our intrests such as california passing a bill last year that says bibles are against the law or the bill that gave the government full control of our lives,,satanic

ron parrish

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I like your allusion to the

I like your allusion to the Declaration of Independence.  For decades, the colonies chafed under several corrupt aspects of the British Parliament:  like members elected to the House of Commons to line their pockets; or the societal control wielded by the House of (hereditary) Lords; or the disproprotionate representation (one country rural borough consisted of five qualified voters who elected two representatives to the Commons, while the neaby industrialized city of Hull, with hundreds of thousands of qualified voters, elected only one representative to the same House); and, of course, as we know, none of the British colonies were granted electoral franchise.  A relatively small handful of people enacted laws, in the evening after tea time, which affected the largest colonial operation in history up to that time without any regard for the effect on the local populations.  We revolted against that system, and yet rebuilt it into our own subsequent practice.  Perhaps it is the cost of having a democracy, at least on paper. 


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conned for years

conned for years

ron parrish

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It's a crazy thing, people

It's a crazy thing, people paying people to tell them where they can go, when they can go, what they can and can't do. We give away our power and freedom every single day. Thank you for stopping by and expressing your feelings, Wordman. Always good to see you.

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you`re welcome

you`re welcome

ron parrish

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I Appreciate These Words

"What does it take to get clean?" Too many Languages as messages. Babel. Liked the journal format. Here - more clarity. ~S~




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Thank you, Stella. Good to

Thank you, Stella. Good to see you on my page Smile

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Spoken like a true Transcendentalist.

(A compliment}

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And I will take it as a

And I will take it as a compliment. Thank you, Stephen.