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We are black holes making up The Black hole of eternal rebirth.

We may act like strangers to these shores,

but how can they possibly exist without us

here to witness their existence.

We are always here, always reborn,

and always left wondering what it is

we almost remember.

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"The Black hole of eternal rebirth"


Almost a reincarnate notion, to enter another realm, a higher plane equivalent to before birth and after death. We "almost remember" here as before. A connection to ancestors - an affirmation that life is paramount, a continuum, and bookcased. Well saud Cascade. ~S~



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Thank you so much.

Thank you so much.

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we are made up of memories

we are made up of memories just out of reach with reality

ron parrish

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Thank you Wordman.  I'm so

Thank you Wordman.  I'm so sorry I didn't thank you sooner. I didn't get notification.


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Wow! How could I have missed

Wow! How could I have missed this profound and mind-expanding accomplishment? You dive deep and transport me to the next level of consciousness, and you do it with breathtaking style. Truth AND beauty. I call that divine. 

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Thank so much, Patricia. I am

Thank so much, Patricia. I am happy you like the little dirty. I call them snippets. I have pages of them intending to grow them into poetry but having lost the momentum for whatever many different reasons.