A Lonely Poem

Above the paper 


a thousand curves and lines;

the poet 

takes a bullet in metaphors 

her ink 


drips down a picture frame 

a coroner's Rorschach 


Above the paper 


an onyx moth 

her dusky dust 


in candle light 


The Lonely poem 

folds her corners 





once more 


a recycled poem 


an origami swan 

in blue sky



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Here's me, applauding. Here's

Here's me, applauding. Here's me, reading it again so I can savor the galloping movement; the diminishing structure that plunges elegantly to the last line; the ingenious metaphors that breeze by as if miracles were simple things to conjure. 


From the throes of a spectacular death to the birth of an "origami swan/ in blue sky" your poem emerged into beauty that should never be lonely again. A triumph. 

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Thank so much for all your

Thank so much for all your encouraging support, dear poetess. Always a pleasure to see your footprints on my page. 

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a poet painting the emotions

a poet painting the emotions of the heart

ron parrish

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That was so sweet Wordman.

That was so sweet Wordman. Thank you!

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you`re welcome

you`re welcome

ron parrish

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Thank you for this kind and

Thank you for this kind and encouraging review, Starward.  I tried something different. Struggling to write poetry lately. May be all the other things going on.

Thanks so much for giving it your support.






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I love the imagery in this

I love the imagery in this poem, and the way the short lines keep the eye moving. Some how, this poem reminds me of the best of Mallarme's symbolist poems, and after reading your poem, I went and looked at a couple of his.  Since my days in school, back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, I have always loved the experience of being reminded one one poet by another; its like a communion between their poems that I am privileged to witness.  I applaud your beautiful poem, and when I say it reminds me of Mallarme, I mean that as a sincere compliment!


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