Some Goodbyes

I was surprised

at my 


when I finally deleted 


Because you see, as deeply 

as you lived beneath dust and abeyance 

you still held your place 

among memory markers 

           first and last 

... secret dreams 



But as each of us set about life full forward 

      without caution or 


the world took its full measure of 



and left     

     hard-won lessons, damaged parts, and 

towering, sifting filters 


An though I face each day  


I can walk that long hill 

My mind is still bright and 

my touch 




And I (finally) find 

I take exception to the way you treat me.


I thank the world for that...and God.


Some Goodbyes... I still wonder at the 







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word_man's picture

looks like patsreviewhit it

looks like pats review hit it on the head ,i am happy for you

ron parrish

Cascade's picture

Thank you , Wordman 

Thank you , Wordman Smile

patriciajj's picture

You did it again. Your

You did it again. Your personal stamp of excellence and insight is all over this very relatable and introspective work of art. I could feel the triumph and liberation in your first stanza that cut with laser wit while it relegated the hurt to a "deleted" file and an anonymous "y.o.u.". What an expert treatment of this familiar experience! 


And now, evolved and confident, you announce your phenomenal identity with clean and concise brilliance: "My mind is still bright and/ my touch/ s.o.f.t." 


A sonically pleasing and elegant celebration of personal growth. I feel you! 

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Thank you so much, Patricia.

Thank you so much, Patricia. Sorry for my late reply to your review. I'm on a crazy schedule.

Starward's picture

This is profound beyond

This is profound beyond words, and is the kind of poem I wish I had had the privilege to read back in the two worst years of my life, 1981 and 1989.  But even in this stage of my life, the wisdom in this poem is very useful.


[ * /+/ ^ ]

Cascade's picture

Thank you, Starward.

Thank you, Starward.