More like snippets

Take a lesson

from the weather.

It pays no attention

to criticism



The sweet muted softness

Of my twilight is the still--

ness before your dawn



Morning is a dreamer's introduction

                        to life.



Where eternity continues 

I shall transit.



I want to be the one

I delighted in being

Before I got here.


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I use to read Rumi a lot

I use to read Rumi a lot years back. He's the brilliant one. The last one is my favorite too, but the first one made me laugh when I thought of it just after I had cussed the weather for being so dreary. Thank you for stopping by, dear poetess, always a pleasure.

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People should be framing this

People should be framing this or reading it in yoga classes or publishing it everywhere. It's that inspired. You touch upon the unknowable, the ancient wisdom of mystics, and package it with the eloquence of Rumi. The last line is particularly stunning. (I wish I had said it!) My respect . . .

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In almost forty-seven years

In almost forty-seven years of reading poetry, I have only rarely found such a profound, and profoundly beautiful, poem.  The entire poem is wonderful, but the last five lines teach a life lesson that I wish,now,that I had read forty-seven years ago.


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Thank you so much, Starward.

Thank you so much, Starward. This is actually a few phrases I jotted down at different times and put them together in one package of little snippets. I'm delighted you liked them, sir.  

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Me too

Especially liked the last lines

Copyright © morningglory

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Good to see you by,

Good to see you by, morningglory.  Thank you

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mystical delight of the soul,

mystical delight of the soul, waking to a blanket of snow

dreams of selfness in infinite universe

ron parrish

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Thank you, Wordman 

Thank you, Wordman Smile

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you are welcome cascade

you are welcome cascade

ron parrish