I wish I knew how to savor

This eternal Odyssey of mind

That nicitating, addictive flavor

Left the recesses of my heart entwined...


And on my way to awe

I got lost in the beauty.

Unknowingly following the law

That lights up the universe smoothly;


That the ageless watchers of the storm

Have indolently inhaled

Helping "the unthinkable" gain a form

And "the unknown" to be unveiled.


Will the silky glimpse of truth 

Teach " how to disappear completely"?










Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by Radiohead's "How to disappear completely" illusive video.

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patriciajj's picture

Again I dove in and again I

Again I dove in and again I was transported by your mystifying gift that stretches our earthbound perspective, calls us to a higher plane of imagination. I tell you, that third stanza is mind-blowing word art. I read this a few times and will probably read it again. 


And that's what sets you apart as a great thinker and poet: you create experiences, not just poems. 

Cascade's picture

Speaking of experiences...I

Speaking of experiences...I just had a remarkable one over yonder in your world Smile thank you, Patricia. You are so generous and encouraging in all your comments to everyone.

patriciajj's picture

Pure brilliance. One doesn't

Pure brilliance. One doesn't just read your work, they dive into it, indulge in it like a sumptuous spa treatment for the brain. You wrapped our heads around a vast subject most poets would be afraid to touch, and pulled it off with masterful wordcrafting. Mesmerizing work. Loved it! Patricia

Cascade's picture

Thank you again, Patricia, I

Thank you again, Patricia, I am very glad you like this piece. Blessings to you and I really do want a autographed book Wink

SSmoothie's picture

What a fabulous piece! I was

What a fabulous piece! I was engrossed in the richness of thought  and expression then tickled pink when I saw the words silky and smoothly in such a great requiem! Bravo! Hugss 

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

"Well, it's life SIMS, but not as we know it" - ¡$&am

Cascade's picture

Thank you, Smoothiness 

Thank you, Smoothiness Smile

word_man's picture

i guess we all get lost

i guess we all get lost sometimes,and find additive moments to savour

and disappear only to reappear

ron parrish

Cascade's picture

Laughing at "additive moments

Laughing at "additive moments to savor".  I love it. Please tell me that wasn't a typo lol

We are those parts of life that form in one wave and wash away in another. Always here, always reborn, and always left wondering what we almost remember.  

And besides...we all have to disappear to reappear, don't we?  Wink

Thank you for stopping by and leaving your footprints on my page 

word_man's picture

you`re welcome

you`re welcome

ron parrish