Adrift cerulean, like foam on the sea

Lunar light lingers long, caricartures among

Like twilight jade with thorn lips-

Blooming bruises and goodbyes.


Meadows of mellowed marigolds-

Singing lonesome lullabies

To the pale absence of another

Sunless sky.

All of this echoes,

Echoes shy goodbyes.


As dreams like lazy petals,

Waltz the breeze of waking,

I feel the center of my soul

Is aching.

Like wordless memories sailing in fiction

With the clouds;

Time drips bare on willow arms,

A place where reality never





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twilight jade on a moonlit

twilight jade on a moonlit night,ripples of light burning through the soul

awakening to another day

ron parrish

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What a beautiful comment. I

What a beautiful comment. I love it.  Thank you Smile

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you are welcome

you are welcome

ron parrish

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Powerful. Astounding imagery

Powerful. Astounding imagery underscores the gripping pain and turns words into a deeply felt experience. True art. Patricia

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Quite a compliment coming

Quite a compliment coming from a poetess such as yourself, Patricia. Thank you!

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The way you deploy the words

The way you deploy the words of this poem is more like music, rather than ordinary poetry.  When Ezra Pound declared, more than a century ago, that poet should write according to the musical phrase and not merely the syllable count, he was speaking of this kind of poem that you have written.  I am so very impressed by this.


[* /+/ ^]

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I merely write to release

I merely write to release emotion, Starward. It's all random, just comes.out the way it does when it does. Sometimes I analyse it to the

Point of death, sometimes I leave it alone and simply shrug off all the imperfections. Strange how it works for me. If I focus and TRY to write a poem, try to make it happen, it's terrible. Sometimes I don't even know how to put what I am feeling into words. This was not planned to flow musically. It just came out the way it did with only a small interference from my left brain critic. Lol I am not a skilled writer. I just write what I can

when I can and if I don't pick it apart, which happens frequently. I envy writers such as yourself and other poets here that seem to effortless works of beautiful poetry with so many words and skills. Mine are not cohesive in structure and I don't even feel I have a style, really. It simply is what it is. 

I am honored by your response, truly


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You are tremendously skilled

You are tremendously skilled as a poet, and I look forward to more poems like this.


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"Lunar light lingers long"

Quite an amazing alliteration.   ---   Stephen

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Thank you so much, Stephen. 

Thank you so much, Stephen.