I hold them in the palm of my hand

where they rest quietly against fingers

curled gently, protective.

Days and nights long and late...

They wink in moonday sun like

sea pennies through the star filter of my camera lens.

Thousands of them. Each a gift

held out as tentative offerings

of maybe, sometime

And so I held you in snow laden, starlit Midnights

of blanket whispers knowing clearly the fragile

outlines of tomorrow...

But I wonder if you know

it was always just you. And our words...

...cast in anger or

expressions of affection

I knew were uncalculated

and stilled time.

And I heard you.

And I...

hear you.

Yet still I wonder at the average

half life because I don't know.

They had the feel of


so much more.


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Now how could I have let this

Now how could I have let this masterpiece slip by? What's wrong with me? I come to your site often, hoping to see a new poem the way some readers anticipate their favorite authors' new books, and all this time this blazing miracle was sitting here. 


This may be my favorite. It's got it all: an angelic voice, graceful and lucid artistry, authenticity, a silky cadence, breathtaking leaps of language and palpable emotion. 


I rarely call any poem a masterpiece. But tonight, in this magic space of silence one slips in after encountering something extraordinary, I do. 

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Laughing....I can only say

Laughing....I can only say thank you.  I am about to finish canning green beans but you know I will be back to visit. I have to because I don't have a book. Smirking...

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When it was just us

and I knew it was

that was when I got lost

in wonder and wandered

to the farthest reaches 

losing grip 

As I searched my soul

For the deepest love

And I found it




Copyright © morningglory

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This is an awesome response.

This is an awesome response. Thank you for leaving your footprints on my page Smile

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Thank you!

Thank you for the cascade of inspiration. :-D

Copyright © morningglory

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mystical and longing

mystical and longing

ron parrish

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Thank you, Wordman

Thank you, Wordman

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you are welcome

you are welcome

ron parrish

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    So many reads, yet no

    So many reads, yet no remarks, what a shame. This is wonderful. Thankyou for sharing this. 


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Thank YOU for your time and

Thank YOU for your time and warm review, sir