Tonight in Africa




he is a light

of a swallowing

bag, the bag 

black woman

who he tried

to stoppage

her womb

and said that

here for life

and my father

said that I am

here only


He was swolled

himself, not a

person who is 

is crying about

the failure

of there

and his knowing

of our mistakes and

said it is ok to use

this days to love

back to the moment

he knows was a time he could bring the best

in people who lost hope


The one who lost hope, two

of them who lost hope

and the hope that so important

to me, a time when people feel

that normal is ok


and his people who did not care

about them or anyone and a good

comedy for a while where he was

the lead Actor.


An Entertaining show for the 

people who craved pause and people

who were laughing at them 

their little sneaky devil mouths

trying to be sexy, wink wink 

when he is sitting here, 

in a soul that is poisonous

and saying ok I will be nicer


Coming back down and I am

saying that the debt celing, 

hikes and his idea of 

Africa, the Black Universe

how will it be to go there now

in a no time space and tell

them you get peanuts as usual

The response it is ok

We have our vegetables, and

trees, and beautiful landscape

and you can suffer your heart

that is cold non time


Inflation is a time I am not happy

or a credit that is not out of control


But is only for those who are not transparant 

and only suffer for long hours for destructive

time and bankrupties that do not exits


Jealousy is not a part of the terrority 

it is not good to envy Africa, and all our

people. Good luck.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Copy righted: "Fair Use": Thanks.

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