Castro's children


Gastro's children:


In my mom's womb I met Fidel Castro

then betrayed by a revolution

and that "seed was planted"

Fidel, Castro's children

in Latin America

the war there

outside of the usual day to day

the real Latin people

women of color, stars, 

Latin men: brother, husbands, boyfriends,  

Castro's children

a nation 


The "Holy Maria"

saved me from the good

the wastage of a soul

yes Maria's consciousness

a complaint so Christ like

so dogmatic, virtues

your inspirations, bible classes, and long time

praying in church is a way

for grace is found every nanosecond in Latin America!


The Saints and Saintess's of Latin America a earth so beautifully brown

the old towns, modern civilazation emerging

from ages beginning with a breadth each moment, 

history, culture, language, religions; sun shining; 

everyday, the sand feeling the rain; hot and amazed at

God's nature 


 The dance for Castro: the substantial being of his

soul, his personal being, his political aura and his manifesto

 A part of this history of " Holy Maria" a place

where the subconscious messages of the Saints and Saintess's

gives, gives and gives 



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