Black renaissance


Black Harlem:


I am here

reincarnated, Langstons Hughs,

the black renaissance, reincaranted,

There is no Africa here in this city

the people are so modern

and high up

and the poor are so detached

from Harlem


What was I she looking in that

electronic medium on repeat that

video which she was sure

what about her " a beauty in the rough" was there

here in Harlem, black Harlem she feel so light

and European, all the people are European, except for the poor


Given a name for this electronice medium

vivid dreams of a time when the black renaissance, the

resistance of Langhtons Hughs in his words in the North

here in this land of black men and women who go up

and then come down, the black renaissance.


I am brew: papaya: 50 50?

is he the first in Harlem?

here and there the first Littauer?

in this black country

his memories, slave memories

in my mind, and his masters

his university, and my teachers

in my youth reading books of slave



And my man, my men

Langston Hughs, the first man of the black renaissance

in slave consciousness, in this country old and new

go and come to the market, European consciousness weaved

and centuries of living in my Persian subconsciousness the

Turkic romanticism of mine ancestry


This Langston Hughes man; grey suit and writings

these little black and white pictures

in love with Liette, hundreds of her

all beautiful, ascending the female principle

with her esoteric wisdom, incarnating this person

changing him to a complete and perfect deification

of Liette


 illumainated "will you answer the calling" "will you answer the calling"

" will you answer the calling"? Yes. North and south, rich and poor

I am running, my mind " runnin', the black walls, these wall, 4

conquered places, flesh and blood, "reminders" of the wars

in this location deep in the jet black delta


This bikini line charcoal black

what if the earth collapsed?

a mirage of black Eden

goddess, a stereotype










Author's Notes/Comments: 

Please be sure to know that this writing/poem is c- written and owned by the Haarlem Renaissance. Please see fair use ( copy right laws. Thanks!

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