The circle






I came across you in bed,

radio on, party won

and my head went nuts

so I was very charged up

and later went home and saw you

on tv


Later read a book about angry people

and their tomb

and saw you in a car accident in my hometown

and looked into the case

saw that it was a 4 days of sleepless nights

and days, not alone, and not only you

however couldn't share with family

only extended family


So I crashed and all I could say was I had too many men

and my angel bird said it's ok you are not alone in this

and when you talked about your good days and how you knew

that they were very bad people

and the phone went off for a casting call



having been offered a new life

we stay here, forget the past and their 

issues with themselves


And there were you know

some people are covert in telling about their feeling

about you because it was known that xenaphobia

was coming already

and your people on the ground were tired of the cold

so they left


Impermance is a good word and the 1st century is also

now, and I am here, and the body may not even die

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