Living together




You have to mind loss

no you have not to mind loss

Always have something to lose

have nothing to lose

I fear loss

She fears loss


When I am sick my mother

plays the victim and crys

and then smiles sometimes

after I leave, that happened

a long time a go


I always always laugh at them

and lately I say they are dumb without

fear, I use to think they are long term strategist

they can't even handle nanseconds of waiting

for important analysis, their bosses are high up

but they work for commission and torture people

like me for nothing


He is handsome, and my mom doesn't mind he's here

living with me in my bedroom, my brother's former bedroom, 

also my long time boyfriend lives with us  and we share

a double bed with the three of us, two guys and a girl

He has issues with the staff coming into our bedroom

and cleaning, and he thinks I have make the bed

and my long boyfriend needs his night stand to be very clean

and insists that I should do it. 


I met him through sound and fell in love with him but kept it very quiet

until I found out to my horror that they knew not only they but also

the ones that are not really suppose to know

so me not knowing that they knew 

felt so " puffed' up that I was laughing at them all

that I knew some of their secrets

I knew they were one big family

I was certain they couldn't do that to me

I was above in every area, 10 over 10


After a while they came with a good plan

to force me to accept them as equals

now today I think how can I they don't even understand  

how many important things work

and they break down things like kids

So I slow down and get bored

while they not work anymore


They KNOW I love him

and envy has haunted me for a long time

Firstly they framed him, secondly they ended his contract

thirdly they decieved his supporters

and with him they are making my life hell



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