I miss miss miss it

savoring the moments

of the morning, my attention

asleep, while I listen sometimes

so I decided today, this deeper issue

of time that I can't get enough of

is to do with me I thought

I can fix it, I can fix him, I can fix all

Silence, silence those hours

not vaccumous, God has spoken,

I cried, and said I can't do without

Absolutely can't,

Indestructible, tall and and on a cloud,


Maybe I should miss it, they keep getting in the

way, everything is so clear, that paranoia, that killing

energy, everyday more glitter disguised the wound

She would fill the time by waiting for the demons, one by one

hoping to catch them in their deception, years in and years out

listening to the voices as slowly I move towards different consciouness

Letting go of the weakness, the lack of light, subsituting God for my demons


I wanna be in God all the time!

Bipolar disorder, alcoholism

I am like Mariyln Monroe

She saw herself dressed in a white dress

her hair auburn red and brown, a Marilyn look a like

shocked and feeling weak, It's the demons she thought horrified

she runs away from another Star that haunts her


Discarnate and personified want my time

the pressures makes her weak so many times

If I can just lie here,

All these names of Monarchs, Icons, Conquerers  

take away my inspiration through their demons

that offer things so I could die alone.






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