she sat on the dressing table chair

and her hairstylist styled her hair

she was wearing a white strapped dress

she was ushered into the next room

her guest and her have dinner, she 

was asked what she would like to drink

and she said cuppucino, her guest sat close to her

and she reclined back on the sofa, slowly feeling

the passion she gave herself to the moment  


So she was chrismatic and craved her love

she was stuck on why she didn't have her love before

and all how come suddenly she was not only the top of her list but also the best

it caught her by surprise when for years only her talent and beauty were recognized

she pointed out that other women were preferred over her for years whom she considered her equal


In this fantasy her lover was speechless and reflected on these questions

and shared that her fantasies were private and she always felt that she could choose who she fantisized about

and that it wasn't a matter of politics it was just what felt good at the time








Author's Notes/Comments: 

Please note that this poem is copyrighted;pls also see on some of  the " fair use" laws.  

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